Monday 2 April 2012

Ways to Surprise Football Mad Grooms

Let's face it for most men there has always been one true love in their lives. Hopefully you will now be his number one focus, but there is probably a sports team somewhere who he has loved for longer and gives equal attention to. If your fiance has a football team, or rugby team or other sport that he is passionate about, then a wedding is a great opportunity to give him a gift to acknowledge his sporting addictions.

I arranged a card for my fiance on our wedding morning signed by all of the players from his beloved team and he was, in his own words, "proper chuffed" with it. Most sporting clubs offer something similar if you contact them.

How about this Spanish bride who went a step further and arranged for the choir to burst into the Champions League theme. Take a look at his face to see yet another very chuffed groom!

Would you arrange something similar as a gift for your fiance?

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