Wednesday 4 April 2012

Occasion Dressing with Libby London

Finding an appropriate outfit for a wedding can be a stressful and frustrating process. No one wants to stand out for all the wrong reasons! It’s about striking a balance of wearing something that makes you feel attractive but still considered appropriate church attire, you don’t want to out blush the bride!

Libby Hart founded label Libby London to provide a simple solutions for the everyday woman’s wardrobe dilemmas. Libby’s new collection of chic dresses have each been designed to offer timeless and appropriate solution dressing for all shapes and sizes. Necklines are designed to flatter rather than reveal and hemlines have been carefully considered. For those who prefer sleeves to sleeveless there are several options.

Wedding season can be expensive, the gifts, the travel and most importantly the outfit. Libby’s classic colour palette ensures each dress is stylish but can easily be dressed up or down with accessories, transforming the overall look and creating a new outfit every time.

Prices start from £155 - £235 and the collection is available to buy online at

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