Monday 16 April 2012

Titanic Weddings

Yesterday marked the 100th Anniversary of the tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic on it's maiden voyage in 1912. It remains the greatest ever peacetime maritime disaster with a loss of around 1500 souls, many of whom were male passengers with women and children being given priority boarding on the inadequate number of life boats. Many of the around 800 predominately male crew also perished in the icy waters, as did whole families amongst the third class passengers, who were the last to be offered precious lifeboat places.

The hundred year old tragedy really captures the imagination of each new generation and it's stories live on today with films such as James Cameron's Titanic being re-released in 3d and ITV's Titanic series reaching it's dramatic climax last night.


Cameron's Titanic used many real characters, but added in the fictional Jack and Rose (above) to tell a Romeo and Juliet style story of doomed love across the social divide with Rose being a wealthy first class passenger whilst Jack resides in third class or "steerage". For those in love with the film and wanting to add a touch of Titanic romance to their wedding, there are a few venues across the world where you can get married on the iconic grand staircase featured in the film.

In the USA you can marry on the stairs and have the ceremony officiated by your very own captain. In the newly opened Belfast Titanic Museum there is a large banqueting suite based on the first class dining room which includes a replica of the famous staircase, shown below.

                                                Titanic Belfast

Last night a memorial service took place at the spot on the Atlantic where the wreckage of the Titanic now sits around two and a half miles below the sea. Retired Bristol School teacher Patricia Watts, was on board the memorial cruise to remember her grandfather, George MacKie, 34, from Southampton, who was a second-class steward on board the Titanic.

Image Credits: Titanic 20th Century Fox and Titanic Belfast

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