Tuesday 24 April 2012

Romantic Bargains with Voyage Prive

Planning a wedding can be stressful and time consuming so planning a romantic and relaxing honeymoon to unwind after the big day can be one thing that keeps you going through all of the hectic times.

However if your budget is already stretched a luxurious honeymoon can be extremely expensive. Voyage Prive is a site that brings you reductions of lots of luxury breaks and could mean that your honeymoon budget stretches a bit further.

                             The Crane Beach

They have breaks available in Europe and more long haul areas like the Caribbean and USA. They currently have 33% of breaks to the Hilton Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh and The Crane in Barbados (show above) and 54% off a holiday to Sicily. As all of the resorts are named you can check out reviews independently on sites like Trip Advisor before booking.


You can sign up to Voyage Prive here.

Image Credit: The Crane Residential Resort Barbados

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