Friday 11 November 2011

Wedding Films to Love and Cherish

The movie Bridesmaids is out on DVD this week and I would wholeheartedly recommend it as it perfectly captures the way that Weddings can dominate the lives of all involved and not always in a positive way.


The film had me in tears several times as it follows the plight of Maid of Honour Annie as she is regularly upstaged by her childhood best friend Lillian's new friend Helen who is prettier, richer and appears to be perfect in every way. Meanwhile her life is unravelling following the failure of her dream cake business and a precarious love life.

It's got me thinking about other great Wedding films and here are some of my favourites.

1. Father of the Bride: Hilarious and worth watching to see Steve Martins Father of the Bride, George (Bonks) fall apart as his Daughters Wedding becomes more and more OTT thanks to the wonderfully camp Wedding Planner Franck.

2. Muriels Wedding: Made 15 years ago (where has the time gone?) this is the amazing tale of Abba obsessed Muriel. She is frumpy, overweight and very unpopular with the cool girls but turns herself into beautiful swan Mariel to marry a handsome swimmer who needs a visa.


3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Carrie's nicest Ex Aiden (John Corbett) stars as the very sweet Ian who meets Greek girl Toula and becomes part of the biggest Fattest Greek Wedding ever. Did you know the Greeks invented everything and Windex not only cleans windows but can cure an array of medical inflictions. Fact!

4. The Hangover: More Vegas stag do than Wedding based but laugh out loud hilarious especially if you have ever woken up after a rough night to find you have acquired a screaming baby oh and a tiger and lost your memory, one of your friends and a tooth!

5. The Wedding Singer: Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler star in this 80s wonder. Worth watching for the 80s music and fashion alone.

Words by Stephanie Allison

Image credits: IMDB and Muriels Wedding Movie Studio Briefing

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