Monday 28 November 2011

Occupy Bristol: How Does it Affect Bristol Brides

The Occupy Bristol protest is still making its mark on the usually picturesque College Green, transforming it from an attractive Bristol landmark into a muddy camp full of colourful tents, discarded pallets and ramshackle wooden structures.

College Green is surrounded by Wedding Venues such as The Marriott Royal, Bristol Cathedral, The Council House and The Lord Mayors Chapel. This has got us thinking about how this occupation is affecting Weddings at these Venues. Most couples spend a lot of time thinking about their venues and probably don't dream of a site such as this on the door step when they pay large sums to book their ceremonies and receptions.

Bristol City Council describe College Green as "an ancient and peaceful city green space". Interestingly their site also says "due to the sensitive nature of the site, any proposal to hold an event...will need to be approved by the Landowners, Bristol Cathedral as well as by the City Council. This image shows how College Green normally looks.

It would normally make a lovely backdrop to Wedding photographs and I'm sure many photographers have had to seek new locations for romantic shots.

I would be interested to hear from any Brides, venues or suppliers who have been affected by the protest. Do you think the protesters should be moved on to protect this ancient space or should we be allowing them freedom of speech. Please share your views in the comments below.

Image Credits Wikimedia Commons


  1. I'm sad to say that a fortnight ago I witnessed a wedding party come out of the Royal Marriott to have their photos taken in front of the Queen Vic statue when 3 of the 'protestors' verbally abused the group as they passed by in a drunken slurry of a rant. It was really sad to witness and I can only hope it won't affect the couple's memory of their wedding day.

  2. Thanks for your comment. What a shame that the couple were harassed on their big day. I'd love to hear experiences from any Brides or venues affected by this.


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