Thursday 10 November 2011

Help Parents To Enjoy Your Wedding

As a Bride, you also often face a dilemma over inviting children to your Wedding as you may prefer not to have any crying or screaming ruining your precious exchange of I Dos. However you may also feel torn by wanting to see your friends little ones enjoying the day too.

There is an ideal solution that is becoming more popular. Why not set up a mobile creche in a quiet room in your venue and allow parents to bring their kids but also have some time to relax and let heir hair down. A great time to have the creche in operation is during the ceremony, drinks reception and meal. This means that the vows and speeches can take place with no interruptions and parents can enjoy drinks and canapes without having to chase toddlers around.

mobile creche bristol

Local company Elf Sitters offer a service in Bristol costing around £375 for 10 children to be cared for. Prices vary depending on the number of children and the time required. Parents can also pay for evening baby sitters separately. If the cost seems high you could even ask parents to chip in as you may find they are struggling to arrange a childcare solution and may be happy to contribute.

Photo Credit Elf Sitters Mobile Creche

Words by Stephanie Allison

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