Monday 28 January 2013

How to plan perfect wedding fireworks

Fireworks displays have become a huge part of modern weddings. We looked at how to plan a fireworks display for your wedding day, ensuring that it fits in with any budget and theme requirements that you likely already have.

Professional Displays

The first thing to do is to find a professional display business who can take care of everything for you, including liaising with your venue, setting up, and dealing with any other issues. That way, you can get onto worrying about the rest of your wedding.

A fireworks display team will be able to easily deal with all safety considerations that are linked with your venue, although it will be worth checking that displays are permitted first, to save you time and money.

With that put to bed, you can start thinking about the more detailed pieces of your display.


Many people think that fireworks are going to cost you a fortune, but the reality does not have to be the case at all. A memorable display can be organised for as little as £750, although naturally the higher your spend, the wider range of fireworks there will be available for you and your wedding guests to enjoy.

This decision will ultimately come down to your overall budget, and if you are only just starting to plan your wedding day, ensure you factor the need for fireworks into your thinking.

How Long and When?

While we would love to stand outside for long periods of time enjoying a fireworks display, we need to be realistic in terms of the weather and how many people there will be attending. One way around inclement weather is to book somewhere with a glass fronted function room if possible, so that fireworks can be viewed from the inside.

Your display does not need to last for long to get people talking and anywhere between five and ten minutes would represent the typical length of a demonstration, although this will again be dependent on your budget.

Traditionally, fireworks displays occur at the end of the evening, particularly in the summer when it is dark so they will be much more visible. However, if there are young children attending who would be excited by fireworks, there is nothing wrong with having a display earlier in the evening, or even during the main reception.

Organising a fireworks display for a wedding is easier than ever. The wisest way is often to deal with your budget first, and everything else will flow naturally from this starting point.

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