Monday 7 January 2013

A Les Miserables Wedding Flash Mob

On Friday the long anticipated film version of the long running west end musical Les Miserables hits UK cinemas, from the director of the King's Speech and starring a huge list of Hollywood stars from Hugh Jackman to Anne Hathaway (who is strongly tipped for an Oscar) and Russel Crowe.

If you are a fan of musicals or Les Mis in particular then why not add a little musical glitz to your reception. The video is described on Youtube as the "perfect wedding surprise for the musical-loving newlyweds Susanne and Sune Vibæk Svanekier". They married on May 26 2012 at the Workers' Museum in Copenhagen.

It seems the couple's friends and family decided to spice up the speeches and do something fun and different and the happy couple clearly love it. If you're dreading dull speeches at your wedding then show this to your Best Man and who knows what he might come up with, though you'd need a fair few good singers on board to pull this one off.


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