Thursday 17 January 2013

A Unique Idea from Voice Gift

Today we have a great guest post from Voice Gift to explain how you can make a truly original gift for your loved one.
If you have come across this blog you are most likely planning a wedding and maybe looking for a totally unique gift to give your partner.  Or, maybe you are a parent looking for the perfect gift to give your son or daughter on their big day. Well we have the perfect give for you, a VoiceGift.


A VoiceGift is a bespoke recording, a highly personalised sound portrait for a loved one.  If you are about to get married let your husband or wife know how much you love them in a recording that will increase in value and enjoyment over the years.  Describe your first impressions of them, why you fell in love with them, why you said yes to them, how you felt when you were proposed to and what you hope your future together will bring.  As well as being lovely to listen to over the years, if you are planning children can you imagine how wonderful it would be for them to listen to!

What we do is very simple we capture a defining moment in your life and create a gift like no other. The process is simple; firstly we have a brief friendly chat on the phone to get a feel for what you want and what you want to say. Secondly we visit your home, ask you questions and record your personalised memories, thoughts, stories, aspirations, (if you are on a budget, it is considerably cheaper if you come to central Bristol to do the recording).                       

We then go away edit out our questions and add music to make it more personal. The final stage is transferring your bespoke recording to CD disk that will have a picture/image of your choice, gift-wrapping and display perfectly for you; we then send it out to you.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, include an exclusive feature to your wedding reception, which you can share with everyone that has taken part in your special day. Just a brief praise of your wife or husband; how special they have made you feel, and how you look forward to embarking on a new journey together for the rest of your lives.
For more information about VoiceGift, our service and our fees, then check out our website at . Do look at our website also, for examples, testimonials and more information and don’t feel shy to contact us, we won’t give you a hard sell but we will be happy to answer your questions.

We love what we do, and we want you to love it too….


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