Friday 16 December 2011

Raw Chocolate and Champagne

What says Christmas more than champagne and chocolate (well apart from Santa, turkey and reindeer). If you want something rather special at your Wedding how about a Raw Chocolate Parlour in a gorgeous pink lined yurt. Imagine your guests indulging in raw chocolate canapes and champagne love potions.


We introduced you to Wedding Yurts in a post back in August. Read all about them here. The best news about the Raw Chocolate Parlour is that the chocolate is actually good for you as it's packed full or anti-oxidants and nutritional values.


The chocolate also supports the Ashaninka Tribe whose home in the Peru Amazon has been threatened by logging. Raw chocolate helps them through fair and sustainable trade of cacao. Find out more about having your own sumptuous Raw Chocolate Parlour here

Photos courtesy of The Raw Chocolate Parlour

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