Wednesday 7 December 2011

The Wedding Reporter

There has been a bit of a buzz in the Wedding Industry lately about a certain lady. Her name is Emma Woodhouse and she also goes by the name of "The Wedding Reporter". Best of all she's from Bristol so local Brides have her creative talents at their fingertips, though she works across the UK as well as writing for Wedding magazines and other publications.

Today she has written us a special piece about her life as a Wedding Reporter. Over to Emma to explain what exactly a Wedding Reporter does...

I recently quit my job to become a fulltime wedding reporter. You might think this a risky decision, given that no one has ever heard of a wedding reporter, but therein lies the reason why I took the leap: in order to push my business to fulfil its potential in a niche market. Let me elaborate on what I do…

A wedding report is basically an extra layer of texture to your memories of the day. You'll find that in the hurricane of chaos that is your wedding day there is so much emotion and adrenaline (not to mention a little booze...!) involved that things you would expect to remember forever can pass you by in a flash. That's where I come in to try and capture all of those moments and feelings in a literary legacy that you can revisit fondly and maybe pass on to future generations.

The Wedding Reporter is essentially a professional wedding guest. I'll turn up with my trusty notebook at the allotted time and soak up the ambience, the atmosphere and the details of the day in order to go away and transcribe it all into a literary creative non-fiction account of the day. I'll mostly observe from the sidelines but also chat to your other guests and build up a picture of you as a couple through the context of your friends and family.

Once you have approved the draft revisions of your wedding report, the electronic copy is then your property. You can choose to have it published into a hardback booklet that my affiliate designer can create for you, even with a bespoke cover relating to the details of your wedding if you wish. Alternatively you could choose to self-publish it, incorporate it into your wedding photos, make wallpaper out of it...the choice is yours!

For the bespoke booklets these are charged separately after the report is written, depending on length and specification, but they start from only £30 and I think make brilliant thank you presents for family and friends. I even had one bride sending it out to acquaintances in New Zealand and San Francisco who weren't able to make it over for the wedding so that they could share in the day as well.

In this day and age, people DON'T have to get married. As such, I think it's a monumental decision when couples decide that they will and it's absolutely wonderful to see them honour their relationship and love in this very big gesture.

Witnessing that celebration of love and trying to transcribe it into a tangible, accurate keepsake of the day is now the thing that makes me leap out of bed in the morning and get to work.

If you would like to contact Emma or find out more about having your own bepsoke Wedding Report, visit her website now. You can also purchase gift vouchers that would make a great Christmas present for an engaged friend or relative.

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