Friday 19 August 2011

Venue Spotlight: Have your Reception Anywhere with a Wedding Yurt

If you are looking for something a bit different in terms of a Wedding Venue or you dream about spending your Wedding night "glamping" under the stars, then read on. Wedding Yurts allow you total flexibility in choosing your reception venue as they can be used in your garden, in a field or in the grounds of an existing Wedding Venue. They can also provide accommodation for you or your guests.

 These stunning shots were taken at Maunsell House by  Antonia Wozencraft, the styling by the girls at Ava Event Styling and the wedding dresses, shoes and jewellery by the Wedding Club.

Here's what Lizzie from Wedding Yurts has to say about this brilliant new concept,

My partner James and I have recently launched our new business Wedding Yurts here in Bristol. Our wedding yurts have been designed to host intimate wedding receptions and are the perfect alternative to a traditional marquee. The yurts are hand~crafted out of sweet chestnut wood, covered in cream canvas and really enhance any special event. The Wedding Yurts can be podded together to create a unique space with the capacity to sit fifty guests for a wedding reception or seventy guests dancing and lounging at the wedding party.

The 20ft yurt can be used for a party with a 12ft yurt attached for the bar and another 12ft yurt the kitchen, or a 20ft yurt for hosting a banquet with a kitchen yurt or crèche attached.
Our boutique yurt accommodation is luxurious and we have a honeymoon yurt beautifully decorated for a magical wedding night under the stars.

We have a mobile kitchen which can be set up inside the 12ft yurt, wooden dance floors, furniture, sound system, lighting, soft furnishings and decorations, we also know lots of very talented and creative people to help create your special day.

The yurts are wonderfully versatile and can be erected inside or outdoors, in a field, a garden or your chosen wedding venue, a unique venue ideal for celebrations and intimate gatherings.
We deliver all around the country and depending on what you hire determines what mode of transport we use. In the yurts Mongolian homeland, the Mongols would load the yurts onto the backs of two camels! fortunately we are lucky to have four wheels.

Personally I love yurts because they are beautiful and perfectly designed to create a circular structure with extraordinary stability and a feeling of spaciousness. A tent which is almost a house, I love the fact they can be erected almost anywhere, in secret locations in the woods, near a beach, in a park or simply in your back garden offering a private, warm, beautiful space to share with friends and family. 

 I love the big wooden doors and most of all the window located right at the top in the centre of the roof letting the sunlight flood in during the day and at night time is perfect for viewing the stars. Traditionally the central wheel was called the eye to heaven and the brides dowry would almost always include a yurt.

The yurts can also be erected indoors transforming a space, making a square room round and dome like, we have strings of golden l.e.d lights to decorate the ceiling which looks and feels magical.

For more information contact Lizzie by email or visit the Wedding Yurts website

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