Thursday 24 May 2012

Top 5 Weddding Highlights

Everyone loves weddings but there's always a few bits of the day that stand out as they are really emotional or fun for the guests. Here's our top 5 "Best Bits"...

1. Emotional Dads: The first time the bride's father sees her in her dress is such a poignant part of the day. This moment has caused many grown men to fall apart and many brides to have to re-do their carefully applied make up. If you have a photographer at home when you get ready make sure they capture this lovely moment.

2. The Brides Entrance: Next after the Dads it's the reaction of the groom as his bride enters the ceremony that is always a fabulous moment. For the guests too it's a favourite part of the day after much anticipation to finally see the bride looking so radiant on her special day.

3. The Kiss: Whether it's a little peck or a full on snog there's something so special about the first kiss as man and wife, usually met by a rip roaring round of applause by the assembled congregation.

4. The First Dance: Always a highlight of the day as the new Mr and Mrs take to the floor for the traditional "huggy shuffle" or perhaps a carefully choreographed routine. From a waltz to a full reenactment of Thriller, anything goes these days.

5. The Disco: Everyone loves a wedding disco as it's one of the few opportunities to get everyone on the dance floor from toddlers to OAPs. All of the formal part of the day is over and everyone can relax with a few drinks and enjoy the celebrations.

What do you love about weddings. Please leave a comment with your own personal highlights. We'd also love to hear the parts that you don't enjoy for a future article.

Image Credits: How 2 I Do (Kiss photo by Rebecca Roundhill)

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