Friday 25 May 2012

Keeping Ladies Cool

What gorgeous weather we are having and perfect blue skies and sunshine make for fantastic wedding photos.

However it can also mean hot, tired and sunburnt guests so here's a few ideas for items to arrange in a pretty basket in the ladies loo to help keep your guests cool and happy.

It can also contain a few items that could deal with any little emergencies that crop up too.

Guest Basket Content ideas...

Sun Cream
Blister plasters
Lip gloss
Safety Pins
Insect bite cream
Gel shoe insoles
Baby Wipes
Hair spray
Kirby grips
Paper fans
Paracetamol or Nurofen (As long as any medicines are kept safely out of the reach of small children)

Another fantastic idea is a basket of cheap flip flops for ladies to change into in the evening so they can dance the night away. Hot weather means tired swollen feet and you want your dance floor full for a really fun night.

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