Monday 30 January 2012

Valentines Gift Ideas: Raw Chocolate Hearts

It's only two weeks until Valentines Day so time to think of some gifts for the one you love. This week we will be sharing some great products from local wedding suppliers that could either make fantastic valentines gifts or unique wedding favours.

Today we look at raw chocolate, with a guest blog post from Lizzie from the Raw Chocolate Parlour. Pop back over the next few days for more ideas including cupcakes, chocolates and love tokens.

The Ultimate Valentines gift, for all you love birds this Valentines day!

We make our Raw Chocolate Hearts from organic and fairly traded cacao from Peru. The hearts are freshly made and need to be devoured straight away or kept in the fridge to preserve the unique qualities and taste.

Raw Chocolate is delicious and nutritious. It is pure, unadulterated and not heated above 42 degrees c to preserve its three hundred nutritional compounds including many trace minerals and essential amino acids.

It is made from the cacao bean, also known as ‘Theobroma Cacao’, which literally means ‘Food of the Gods’. Raw chocolate is a potent aphrodisiac favoured by both 16th Century Aztec King Montezuma. In nature the primary source of magnesium is cacao. Magnesium helps the body to relax and calms nerve functions, balances brain chemistry and helps build healthy bones and nails.

The Raw Chocolate Parlour is a unique venue promoting the sensuous secrets of Raw Chocolate. We serve our homemade raw chocolates with champagne cocktails inside our pink yurts decorated with sumptuous furnishings and sparkling lights, a decadent space for you to indulge your chocolate fantasies.

Raw Chocolate Hearts are ideal wedding favours, treat your guests to a delicious treat.

Our signature cocktails include a love potion cocktail made with ten aphrodisiac herbs in a gogi berry syrup and 'Golden Kiss' is made with cacao infused black vodka and decorated with gold leaf. Perfect to share with your lover on Valentines day.

The Raw Chocolate Parlour will be at the Love Food Festival on the 12th of February. The Raw Chocolate Hearts are also available at all four
Thali Cafes in Bristol.

To place an order,
email Lizzie or phone 07816452080

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