Wednesday 11 January 2012

Shoes Glorious Shoes

With some of the largest Wedding Industry Awards coming up shortly there has been a lot of discussion about outfits and particularly what shoes people are wearing. Inspired by this, here's a post on gorgeous sparkly Wedding shoes.

Benjamin Adams does a gorgeous range of Wedding shoes though they are at the higher price range. I love these beauties called Charlize.


This pair called Gaga are also stunning. Both are available at Bridezillas Boutique in Keynsham.


Paradox offers a great range of shoes at more affordable prices, their Pink range has some great ivory Bridal shoes like this pair called Girly. Check out their full range here


Emmy shoes has a truly stunning range for those with a larger shoes budget and the brilliant thing about Emmy Shoes is that you can buy from the ready to wear collection or choose bespoke shoes where you can choose your heel height, colours and fabrics.


So many shoes are sky high so this gives you the option to go for a more wearable heel, whilst staying stylish. The Alicia shoes (above) can be bought in heel heights of 5cm, 8cm and 9.5cm.

BHS actually do a very good range of affordable Wedding shoes. This Jewel Knot pair cost from £55.

                                                  Jewel knot front jewelled wedding shoe

Whichever shoes you go for, remember to wear them in at home first. A good tip is to wear some white socks over the top to protect them from spills and stains. You can also invest in gel insoles and padded inserts to make them more comfy. Make sure to have your shoes in time for your final dress fittings to ensure the length is correct with your heel height.

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  1. A few brides choose sandals along with other choose classic wedding shoes, some opt for flip-flops while some choose cowboy boots or even sneakers.


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