Friday 28 October 2011

Help For a Great Best Mans Speech

Today we have a fantastic interview with writer and broadcaster George Watts aka The Wedding Fairy, who you may recognise if, like me, you love a bit of Wedding TV. George is actually a  Bristolian himself, so of course he wanted to share all of the news about his new book with us. I put on my most serious investigative journalism hat to ask him as few questions about life as a TV Wedding expert.

Tell us about your links to Bristol?

I was born in Bristol and my Dad used to play for Bristol City back in the 50's - he was known as 'Ginger Watts'. I think it was all down to the follicles! Luckily I still have tons of friends and family living in the City so I visit regularly. I miss Tarrs Ice Cream and Bacon butties by the harbourside if I am away for too long!

What have been your Wedding career highlights to date?

Well interviewing Uma Thurman is definitely up there but, covering the Royal Wedding on TLC America was pretty amazing especially as I was sat on the sofa alongside Rupert Everett! The scene in Times Square at 5am was incredible. That City knows how to party! The whole experience made me realise just how huge the Kate 'n' Wills fest was on a Global scale.

What top Wedding planning tips can you share from working on Wedding Breakfast?

Oh that show was amazing. I recorded over 100 episodes and loved every second. It was literally cakes, flowers, dresses and diamante all the time at Wedding TV! One thing it taught me was to really enjoy every element of the planning process. I met so many couples who were literally hysterical wrecks but, it really does not need to be like that if you get yourself a good big day plan together and get organised.

Tell us a bit about your new book

Well I signed a global ebook deal to write 10 books over the next 12 months and even though there are quite a few relevant publications on the market, I just knew I had to start with the boys! I have heard so many disastrous speeches over the years and come across so much bad advice that I wanted to get my words of wisdom out there pronto! The book covers everything from gathering content effectively to the speech delivery. Essentially it's a one-stop-shop for the best man also including ideas for the stag party, suit hire and a run down of big day duties.

Can you share 5 top tips for a great Best Mans speech

My top 5 would be.... ​

1) Don't forget to talk about the stunning bride
2) Steer clear of classic best man jokes - v tacky
3) Don't joke about how nervous you are, it makes an audience feel uncomfortable.
4) Don't try and make an enemy out of or embarrass the Mother-of-the-Bride - it always ends in tears! ​
5) Ex-Girlfriends and Celebrity crushes are a total no no!

And one for luck!

6) Think 10 mins all in. Job done!

What other projects are you currently working on?

I am also working on a really exciting broadcast project at the moment for facebook called 'The Wedding Clinic' which is coming soon via my brand new page  - get online and get involved!  

Thanks to George for sharing some top Wedding tips with us and you can order his new book on Amazon here. It's a bargain for Kindle owners at only £2.50 and it will also be available to buy on IBookstore soon.

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