Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Little Wedding Space

If you're bored of traditional wedding fairs  and want to see the work of some of Bristol's finest wedding suppliers in one place, then you need to head to Clifton Village this weekend to visit The Little Wedding Space.




Created by venue stylist Kirsten Butler, The Little Wedding Helper and wedding photographer Ruth Garner, The Little Wedding Space brings together a wealth of local talent covering wedding planning, sweet tables, stationery, flowers, cakes and much more.




Find out more about the suppliers, location and dates by visiting


  1. So beautiful! I love this gorgeous stationary that seems perfect for a splendid wedding, especially the cards and wedding cake. I also want to design modish designer invitations for wedding.

  2. Hi: love your fairy Wedding Jewelry I'd love a tutorial on Elven Star I actually have been wanting a tutorial thereon vogue ever since I actually have seen it. I will build the wire half simply do not know the way to do the remainder lol.These square measure very terribly beautiful and wonderful items of jewelry. i prefer all the sets and decorations. anybody will appearance therefore lovely with these jewelry.

  3. Well, I loved these pictures sharing beauty and charm associated with the beauty. There are undoubtedly several aspects of any wedding and those are well covered in the pictures. Wedding stationary is also a very important aspect of making any wedding ceremony perfect, and people must take care while choosing the right stationary. For some beautiful Indian wedding cards visit

  4. Seriously Amazing...I liked all pictures specially cake images. Cakes design are simply classy and beautiful. Thanks For sharing

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