Thursday 28 March 2013

Chewton Place Weddings Cancelled Again

It doesn't seem long ago that Chewton Place went into liquidation just before Christmas in 2011 taking the deposits and final payments of many heartbroken couples with them.

I was delighted to help Lauren Lane (now Mrs Welch) have her dream wedding in 2012 despite losing £4500 when the venue closed. Luckily some very kind wedding suppliers pulled together to make the wedding happen. You can read about it here.

Former employee Rebecca Bozeat-Manzi took over running weddings at Chewton Place as Bozeat Palmer Contracts but has been forced to leave by the owners who are thought to be applying for a change of use for the building. A statement on the website reads,

"The directors of Longcap Developments Limited, the owners and Landlords of Chewton Place are forcing us to leave by 10th April 2013 meaning that we will not be able to run your wedding at Chewton Place. We asked Longcap for an extension and even agreed to a higher rent to allow time for you to make other arrangements for your wedding. Yesterday we applied for a postponement on compassionate grounds in the courts but in the face of Longcap’s solicitor’s opposition, the law could not help. Finally last night David Long confirmed to me that Simon Caple would not allow any extension."


This has all come as a great shock to us. We knew that Longcap had abandoned the outstanding works on the property and had refused to grant a lease on the terms we had been lead to believe we had agreed and understood.

However we now are given to believe that Longcap may be applying for planning permission for a change of use of the property, David Long having confirmed to me that they had “given up on Chewton Place in its current use”."

One positive change compared to last time is that current operators are planning to refund any deposits paid allowing couples to move their wedding to a new venue without a large financial loss. They ask couples to email their details to to arrange a refund by cheque or bank transfer.

If you are a couple affected by this the following venues currently have availability this Spring/Summer and I will be updating the list regularly. If you are a local venue with availability please get in touch.

Venues with Spring/Summer Availability

Almonry Barn -New wedding venue near Taunton
Berwick Lodge -Bristol

Old Down Manor

If you need any help searching for a new venue or moving your wedding, please get in touch by emailing

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