Monday 10 December 2012

Give your Wedding Shoes Some Bling

If you want to add some sparkle to your shoes for the office Christmas party or make your wedding shoes stand out then you should check out Mi-Clips. Mi is a clever and versatile new shoe clips brand, which allows you to instantly transform the look of your shoes - they are perfect for brides to be or wedding guests.


Taking its meaning and inspiration from the Japanese word for beautiful, Mi clips’ concept is simple but the is effect stunning, allowing you infinite updates to your shoe collection with the addition of one of these gorgeous jewels.

The shoe clip first emerged in the late 1940s although the 1980s is recognised as its heyday, Mi has resurrected this passion for shoe clips with the launch of a selection of beautiful and modern styles, allowing you to personalise your shoes to your heart’s content. Each pair are rhodium plated with a specially developed clip designed to be easy and secure to wear.

Prices start at £16.50 and from Amazon.

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