Friday 15 June 2012

Ask a Bristol Wedding Planner: Invitations

Local Wedding Planner Steph Allison of How 2 I Do Wedding & Event Planning answers all of your wedding questions. Today its all about invitations.

Question: When should we be sending out our wedding invitations and what's the difference between an invitation and a save the date card? Beckie, Stoke Gifford

Answer: Traditionally the brides parents, in their role as hosts, would send out formal invitations around six weeks before the wedding. These days it's much less formal with many couples paying for and hosting their own weddings. Most people now choose to send out invitations around 12 weeks before the wedding as there is lots of information to give guests so that they can book accommodation and make travel plans.

Save the dates are also becoming more popular as people lead such busy lives and could risk being away on holiday or planning another event on the same day. Save the dates can be sent out around 12 months before the wedding. Here's a really fun ways to pass all of the required information to your guests. How about a fun wedding tea towel?

These Wedding Tea Towels from The Original Wedding Tea Towel come in black and white or a range of colour options to match your theme.

                                                     Wedding Tea Towels Spring Hill  Wedding Tea Towels Gala Wedding

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