Wednesday 22 February 2012

The Love Actually Experience

Do you remember the bit in Love Actually where Keira Knightley walks down the aisle with her new husband and the Best Man (who is secretly in love with her) arranges for a gospel choir to burst into All You Need Is Love, whilst musicians pop up in the congregation to add a bit of brass accompaniment to the proceedings.

Wouldn't it be great to do something similar at your own wedding? Well now the opportunity is here as Bravo Singing Waiters offer the "Love Actually Experience" where you can have talented singers and dancers perform as you walk down the aisle, sign the register or get them to mingle with guests and then start flash mob style during the drinks reception.

This service costs from £495.00 or you can go for the singing waiter option or even swinging waiters who can sing Rat Pack or Buble style. You can also hire "strictly secret dancers" to mingle on the dance floor before breaking out into a full routine.

If you love this ideas, find out more on the Bravo Singing Waiters website.

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