Monday 19 September 2011

Planning A Wedding Come Rain or Shine

Bristol Wedding Planner, Steph Allison shares some tips with us about coping with British weather when you get married.

I was involved in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony this weekend, where the happy couple had already married in the Register Office and planned to have the main ceremony in the presence of all of their family and friends on decking overlooking woodlands and a beautiful lake. Unfortunately the British weather had other plans and it rained consistently all morning, throwing the whole day into question.

Luckily the rains stopped in time to let the ceremony go ahead as planned, but they had also had the foresight to have a plan B just in case by providing an alternative area for the ceremony to take place and a mountain of golf umbrellas for guests to use.

It is vital to have contingency plans for any Wedding, particularly for wet weather. Don't just set your heart on an outdoor drinks reception or having all of your photos taken outside without having a backup location indoors. It's also a great idea to have large umbrellas to hand and possibly even some pretty Wedding wellies for the Bride and Bridesmaids if you do get outside for some photos on a wet day.

If you are having a marquee make sure that you use a reputable company so that it is 100% water tight and make sure that walkways are carpeted or made if gravel or concrete to avoid loads of mud being trailed in and out.

I have seen some gorgeous Wedding photos taken outdoors under huge brollies so don't be too disheartened if it rains on your big day. The images shown here are by American photographer Kristin Rogers. There also seems to often be a little magic when it comes to rainy wedding days that means the sun makes an appearance just in time for the ceremony.

If you would like a Wedding planner to help arrange your big day, contact Steph by email or visit her website.

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