Saturday 23 July 2011

Bristol Brides We Need You

If you google Bristol Wedding News apart from this great blog (of course) you mostly get results about the Bristol couple who had their Wedding reception in KFC. Our warmest congratulations go to Kalli and Gareth pictured below, but I know we can do better than this Bristol and we don't just want to be just known as the City that has finger lickin' good Weddings. Here's a photo of the now famous nuptials courtesy of This is Bristol. Click the link to read the full story of this extraordinary Bristol Wedding.

Why not share your beautiful, stylish and glamorous Weddings with us so that we can show the wealth of stunning Wedding Venues in the Bristol area.  Please submit your photos to with some information about the Wedding, such as date and location. Please also get permission from your photographer and let us know who it is, so that we can correctly credit their work. We will show as many Weddings as possible as long as they match the style and content of the blog.

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