Monday 6 June 2011

Do you Dream of an Outdoor Wedding?

In the UK you can only get married in licenced fixed structure with a roof, which limits your choices if you have always dreamt of getting married outdoors. The Any Campaign are working on encouraging a relaxation of these laws which would allow people to marry outside and after 6pm, which is the latest time you can currently be legally married. You can support this campaign here by signing the petition.

In the meantime what options do you have in Bristol? You can currently get married in a place of worship, the Register Office in Corn Street or Yate or a Registrar can also come to a licenced venue to legally Marry you. There are some options for an outdoor ceremony such as a licenced Pagoda or Gazebo. Matara offers an outdoor style wedding shown below

However there is also the option of making your marriage legal in a quickie Register Office Ceremony and then using a Celebrant to have a ceremony whenever or wherever you like in the presence of all your loved ones. Although this seems like an unfamiliar concept it actually opens up loads of great possibilities.

Tailor Made Ceremonies offer you the option to marry on the beach, in a field, under the stars, in a forest or pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. Jennifer can also help you to personalise the Ceremony as you are not restricted as you would be in a Civil or Religious Ceremony. To find out more about using a Celebrant to personalise your Wedding, visit

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